“LAPS was a delight to work with: the process was clear and highly collaborative”

- Dome Karukoski, Director, Tom of Finland

Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

We have a very transparent billing system: You only get charged for the producer’s fee. Any additional items (such as cast, crew, locations, permits, insurance etc will be added according to their actual costs). Request a quote and we will get back to you in two business days.

Do I need permits?

In most areas, it is recommended or required to obtain permits to film. The permit process can be complicated and and time consuming and it has various requirements that only a local production company can provide. We will take care of the whole process for you - hassle free!

How does the casting process work?

After we put out the casting call, we will narrow down a selection of applicants, send their infos on an easily manageable link. We will then request for self-tapes from your favorite talent and if we need to narrow it down even more, we organize in-person casting as well.

What kind of locations can you provide?

We have access to a high variety of locations from beaches to private desert locations to mansions on the Hollywood Hills. Los Angeles area also has a plethora of standing sets for any genre of film: from military locations to airplane interiors to hospitals to offices to streets styled to various historic periods and countries.

We will start by sending images of the potential locations. Again, if we need to narrow it down more, we will go there in person and get photos and footage. Even a video-call on location is possible to organize.

Can we get latest cameras or exciting new pieces of gear?

Los Angeles has the best selection of equipment available for rentals anywhere. Our relationship with the rental houses guarantees the best pricing for you. It’s a competitive market which means very good deals for creators like us.

Do I need insurance? How can I get one?

To film in Los Angeles, you will need a production insurance. To get a local production insurance, the company needs to be based locally. We provide insurance for your production.

I need accommodation, can you help me?

We book or help you find the best possible lodging options for your stay. We can also provide a driver, if you need one. To minimize the time spent in traffic we often recommend lodging based on the film production and where it takes place.

How many days should I schedule for my trip?

It is recommended to have at least 2 business days before the first shoot date so that you can make last minute changes and get acclimated. It is also recommended to have at least one extra shoot day as backup.

Do I need a working visa for my trip?

We can help evaluate your situation and help you with the process. Usually you will not need a working visa.

Can you do the shoot for me if I can’t be there myself?

We are an award winning creative company as well, so we will be happy to put our directors and DP’s in our roster to the case. We can organize a live video feed from the shoot as well, if needed.

Can you help me with post-production?

We offer all post-production services from editing to color grading, special effects compositing and even music. More information about our production company can be found from our production company website: https://www.no-office.co/.

Please contact us directly if you have any further questions.